Monday, March 12, 2012

It's up and looks amazing!!!

Last night we put up Merlyn's Dinosaur Train wall mural
 from Murals Your Way.
First daddy needed to cover the window.
He filled it with foam and then covered it with wood.
Look at that ugly boring wall.

The Mural came in a really long box.
They are all very nicely wrapped around a long tube
 making it easy to pull them apart.
First we needed to roll them the opposite way.
 So that when we were putting them up they wouldn't roll
and that they would stay straight making it easier.
It says you need two people to apply the mural.
But I would defiantly suggest 3 people.
Luckily our friend Darren was able to help us.
We came up with a pretty good system.
Daddy marked the line we wanted to follow on the wall.
First we folded it down a bit  and
 pulled the paper and made a fold.
Then he took the top of the mural and 
started sticking it to the wall.
Darren was underneath pulling down the paper.
And I was holding the bottom of the mural away from the wall.
As daddy was sticking the mural he was also scrapping out any bubbles.
Part one was up yay!!
Part two now this is where it was going to get a little tricky.
We had to line up the mountain and train.
We stuck to our method and got it looking good.

Two down one more to go ..
This one was a little bit more trouble.
 We decided to keep the mural going around the corner.
There is a really great tree there and it just seemed right.
But we finally got it up lined up the palm tree and clouds. 
We were done. And it looked so good!!

Daddy went and trimmed the little bit of excess at the rug.
Which wasn't much they did a really good job matching our wall size.

So I must tell you the pic on the website and these pics
 don't do this mural justices.
The colors are so bright and beautiful.
It is a defiant WOW factor.

My little guy's room went from boring to awesome over night!!!
And honestly it was easy as long as you have some good teamwork!!
We were lucky to receive this mural as a prize from
These mural were $698.10  right now they are on sale for $558.48
with free shipping

It is a amazing way to transform any room.
They have over 7,500  images for you to choose from

Go check them out!!!
They have some truly amazing murals!!

My little guy was so excited when he woke up 
and saw his room!!!
He went and pointed at everything naming all the characters.
I want to give a huge thank you to 
You have really made The Dollhouse crew super happy!!!

Ps. Darren I don't think we could have done it without you.. 


  1. Oh my gosh, it is gorgeous!! Love the before and after photos. You guys did a great job. Congratulations!

  2. You see how bad his room was before. He really needed this =)
    Now when he walks n his room he gasp's with excitment it's so cute.. Thanks =)