Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tangled.. We want more...

Both my kids absolutely love Tangled.
We watch it daily some times on repeat.
My little girl sleeps with her
 Rapunzel and Pascal dolls everynight.
We have Tangled decals and posters on the walls.
And my little guy carry's around a satchel all day.
Just to be like Flyn Rider.

At the end of the movie we call it our dancing song.
We stop whatever we are doing and start dancing!!

We were beyond excited when we heard about
Tangled Ever After

Last Friday it was on the Disney Channel.
I DVR'ed it cause it was on at 9pm
And my kids are in bed at 8
The kids were super excited Saturday morning
ready to finally watch it.
I will say it was cute. 
But WAY to short.
I didn't realize it was only just over 6 mins long.
As soon as it started it seemed like it was over.
I love how they kept the getting the nose wrong going.
And the throwing of the ax to start the accordion.
Pascal and Maximus were pretty funny.
It did give us a good chuckle.
But what a tease I want to see 
Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding.
We are left wanting more.

The kids were like that's it mommy?
And then they watched it over and over
since I had DVR'ed it.

These characters are so great. 
I don't know about your family.
But I know we would watch anything with them in it.
We are crossing our fingers that there is a
Tangled Two somewhere in the midst.
That is something we would defiantly 
go and see in the theaters.
The wedding and the life after.
There is so many fun directions they could go with it.
So until they do I guess we will watch Tangled 
Over and Over..
And the little peek into the wedding they gave us..

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