Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Living Dead Dolls Board Game

Being that we are Living Dead Doll collectors
 the board game is a must have.
We actually have two one we play regularly
and one that is still sealed.
It is usually sold out on most online stores. 
But you can get lucky once in awhile on Ebay

The Contents:
Game Board
100 Action cards
24 Spell Cards
100 Soul Deeds(ones and fives)
6 Doll pieces
6 Evil Twins pieces

We have all but one of the actual dolls
That are the game pieces.
We are just missing Penny one day she will be
part of the collection.

Im not going to go into all the rules of the game.
But I will tell you there is unexspected twist
 around every corner.
With Soul Holes , Spell Spots, and
Pit falls not to mention the properties.
 Causing a Roll Battle or Soul deed fines.
The action cards determine how many
spaces you move each turn.
With drawings of the dolls on them
 and the way they died.
Now the box says for 15 and up.
Cause some of these cards
are a little gruesome.
We do play with our little girl.
We just pre-take out the really bad ones.
Its not that the pics are graphic
since they are drawings.
More of the actual deaths are disturbing.
She loves this game and it is
usually her game of choice on game night.
Buying and trading souls, casting spells,
possessing and freezing other players.
Morph cards  and Evil Twin cards will also
 spin the game around.
Just when you think you were losing.
You pull a morph card and
switch with the doll
in the lead.

Your goal is to get to the Mausoleum first.
But sometimes that is not as easy as you think.
3-6 player
90 mins game time
This game is a lot of fun and we love it in The Dollhouse.


  1. pretty gruesome :-) i like it

  2. It's a great game. I think you would love it.

  3. I just got it and we were going to play it with 9 year olds then we realized it was 15+ lol. I spent like an hour looking through all of the red cards. How many ways to die are there in the world?

    1. Also it's the day before halloween when I am posting this. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

    2. My favorite red card was probably the drink bleach one or stop to smell the tail pipe. What is yours?

    3. Also somebody should make one of the dolls not look scary by giving it a makeover. These dolls would be gorgeous if they were less evil looking.