Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PS3 Silent Hill - Downpour- Rant/Burn

This past week I have been wondering the 3D streets of Silent Hill Downpour.
The newest installment to the PS3 of the horror adventure series.
This game has many new twist and turns.
Where sometimes it seems to many.
Too few enemies as the title quotes "Silent Hill, Downpour"
because the minion count goes from almost none to a flood the harder it rains.
Adding many locations to explore, giving a easy retreat in a closed building.
This making Silent Hill Downpour the easiest of all in the series.
The environment is the most hazardous to your health.
I found myself dying more from falling or random blades chopping
then the actual enemies.
Leaving the lost random clues they have you solve as puzzles are the
most intriguing element of the game.
Wondering around the city was what I wanted more of,
 following foot steps with a UV flashlight and collecting trash for side quests.
Overall I enjoyed my visit to Silent Hill as I know I always will. Just could have done with less of running from the bright orange darkness.
And more of the exploring the amazing world that is Silent Hill.

BY : The Kain

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