Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My big green Bissell cleaning machine..

Some of you might remember in Dec  Dr.Oz  had a giveaway.
I didn't find out about it till later in the day.
Bummed out since the last one he had.
I lost the heat chair massager due to my computer freezing.
This time I really wanted to walk away with something.
Hoping for the Tablet that would of made a 
great Christmas surprise for the hubby.
But when I got in they were already gone.
If you have done one of Dr Oz giveaways
you know you have to be fast.
But good news the Bissell was still available.
I clicked it and got my congratulation.
My heart started pounding.
Oh yeah I was doing the happy dance.
I tell you this cause this makes me
love this vacuum so much more.

It arrived about 6 weeks later.
Oh my was I excited you see I had 
been using a Eureka Stick vacuum.

With two  little kids that leave a
trail of crumbs everywhere
 that just wasn't cutting it.
Out came the Bissell and I started vacuuming right away.
I was amazed with how clean it got my rugs.
They looked like different rugs.
My husband came home from work and went Wow!!

This vacuum has power and does the job.
And I love the turbo brush it comes with.
I vacuum morning noon and night.
Cause honestly I love when my 
rug has that super clean look.
The thin head attachment is perfect for 
under the table and hard to reach places.
It has made my job of cleaning so much easier.
It is a bit heavy Im lucky cause
 I only have a few steps in my house.
Pushing it around gives your
arms a good work out.
I'll be honest I break a sweat
when I vacuum now.
But I think that's awesome
 a house  cleaning workout.

It's bag less which is a huge plus for me.
Super easy to empty.
Press a button the whole piece pops off.
Then unhook the one part from the other.
Make sure you do this over a garbage can.
Sometimes it makes a bit of a mess.

Two things that do bum me out about the Bissell.
My light stopped working the first day.
And sometimes it seems to be sucking better then others.
I'll turn it on and it will be extra loud
I know it is doing a super job.
If it's not super loud means
I'm going to have to go over it a few times.
(UPDATE: I figured it out. Don't laugh it was the brush button
so as long as that is down it works super)
But I got it for free so I'm not going to complain.
My rugs have never been cleaner.
And mommy has never been happier vacuuming.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum I say YES!!
The Bissell Healthy Home is the one for you!!!
You can read all the spec HERE
It is currently $199

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