Thursday, March 22, 2012

PS VITA - First Look/Rant (M.C.E)

For my first review,    no let's say Rants and sometimes Burns on M.C.E.
(Man Cave Entertainment)
I'm thinking start big with a PS VITA Rant!!!
I've had the PS VITA since launch Feb 22 Midnight 2012.
Purchased from a local Walmart.
I also purchased a couple games and will Rant/Burn them accordingly, 
but for now lets stick to the point. 
This new PS VITA freakin OWNS!!!
With dual analog sticks, duel cameras and dual touch screen.
A HD screen that looks SWEET.
There seems to be nothing this PS VITA can't do.
Even surfing the web while rocking out to nerd rap.
Looking forward to the remote play feature. 
I feel as if I am holding a portable Playstation 3.
I have not yet tapped into all that is the PS VITA.
Make sure to follow the Dollhouse and keep connected for future Rants/Burns.
As I've received /purchased many accessories for this awesome home extension and will be going on and on about them.

Dungeon Hunter Alliance / Rant
For a launch title RPG on the PS VITA to hit I was stoked.
After playing thru as a rogue  I found myself wanting more.
Dungeon Hunter Alliance offers just that with 2 more characters types.
Jumping back thru the levels of minions for awesome treasures leveling to the max.
Finally a co-op game worth the time and action.
The amount of content makes up for the length of the game.
All while a fairy hovers around controlled by one of the analogs or the back touch screen.
Causing all kinds of environmental hazards to the energy with the tap of the front screen.
Dungeons Hunter Alliance takes full advantage of all the features of the new PS VITA.

Brought to you by: The Kain

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