Friday, March 23, 2012

From short to long (HAIRDO makes it possible)

First I want to start off with
I have had short have for a long time.
Occasionally I grow it out but it 
always gets to that point.
You know the should I cut it or let it grow.
But then you take a closer look and realize
it is a bunch of split ends and broken hair.
I usually chop it all off at that point.
Which living in Florida makes sense.
It is serious insta sweat the second 
you walk out the door.
Having a head of hair would only make that worse.
I love rocking the short.
But sometimes I want to switch it up.
Well I have the perfect solution.

When ever I am going to a party,
 concert, special occasion's
or just want to look extra girly.
I clip them in
Super easy takes a few mins
 to get it just right.
The hair is so soft and pretty.
The clipin I have is pre styled.
I can run my fingers through it 
and the curls stay perfect.
No more curling iron!!
No split ends ... Yay!!!!

And I love being able to go from SHORT

in a few simple clips

Without the hassle of everyday life with long hair.
I wear it then come home and take it out. 
Put it in it's case till next time!!

They have all sort's of clip in's
Up do's
All different lengths
Range in Price

I received my extensions as a prize on

A big THANK YOU to  HAIRDO and Belle from The Fashionable Housewife
You have made this Doll smile
Every girl should have the option of short or long

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