Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PS VITA Brand Trigger Grips Rant/Burn

Let's talk about the PS VITA Brand Trigger Grips which are a must have accessory for the PS VITA.
Now that I have them on, I cant imagine the PS VITA without the Grips.
The plastic at the top/bottom seem too thin for my liking, so removing the Grips repeatedly
could totally cause breakage. For only $14.99 on Amazon this is an affordable add-on.
 Which makes all the difference while your slicing foes or bashing enemies to tiny bits.
The soft smooth touch of the Grips will ease the hand over hours of game play.
Even giving better access to the touch pad on the reverse side of the PS VITA.
Along with trigger buttons that have gamers in mind. It still fits comfortably in the
PS VITA Brand storage case which holds over 20 games and 2 memory cards.
Which are so freakin small, What's up with that? There are some things that 
are not meant to be smaller, like video game cartridges and memory cards.
But that is a whole other Rant /Burn on its own.

BY: The Kain

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