Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9  Rant/Burn

With all the excitement of the new Mario Party we get smacked in the face with the blue turtle syndrome.
I could play this game blind folded with my two year old repeatedly hitting the A button. Occasionally a 2 push during the mini games. Which turned out to be the best part of Mario Party 9. Along with the teaming up to  battle bosses  working against each other to beat Bowsers minions. Adding a cool new element to the party series. A total winner with the kids. The fun dies from 8 were removed. So the best  dies are now the 1-10 and the 4,5,6 dies because most of the levels you are running from enemies. 

So all you really need are the high numbers to keep your distance. If caught the captain looses half of their mini stars. You'll flat out lose if that happens at the end of the board. I miss having my own piece on the board. Now you share a vehicle rotating as captain. This makes the game rather easy but enjoyable because you are working as a team. For adults it doesn't compare to 8 but for kids it is great..

By: The Kain

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