Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monster Man - Syfy

Since we were really into Face Off.
And the second season just ended.
When we saw the preview to Monster Man we
knew we had to watch it.
My husband being a huge horror movie fan 
he was really excited for this show.
It is actually really neat seeing
all the behind the scenes work that
goes in to making the movie monsters.
Cleve Hall with his two daughters, X-wife 
and the rest of the SOTA FX Team
making movie magic.

Every show is a different customer and 
a new monster.
Usually more then one monster project a show.
So far they have done:
Two headed shark
Conjoined Twins
Creepy Polly the Princess
Bio mechanical Cockroach
Exploding Demon Ant

The really cool part of the show is once
they are done with the monster.
You actually get to go with them to the movie
set and see it in action.
Makes you really appreciate all the work 
that goes into making the monster.

Cleve dresses in all black , rocks vampire contacts
and drives a Hearse
You can't help but like the guy.
He had been working in special effects 
since he was a teenager.
Cleve worked on such low budget films as Ghoulies,
 Re-AnimatorTroll andTerrorvision.
He has worked with
Paramount Pictures,
 DreamWorks, Warner Bros and Disney,
 including favorites How to Train Your Dragon,
 Syfy orinial movie Sharktopus, Ed Wood 
and Pee Wee's Big Adventure
He has even worked on some TV programs.
Working on YO GABBA GABBA  got him a
Emmy Nomination.

He is a Monster Master.
This show is defiantly one to check out.
Especially if you are into the special effects
of it all.

It's on SYFY Wednesdays at 10

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