Saturday, March 31, 2012

Living Dead Dolls Retro Halloween Set

This set came out 2010
I wanted it the second I saw it.
Having always wanting a Cavalera doll
This set really excited me.
Limited to 500 Pieces each set.
Making this a super-rare 
addition to any collection.

So fast forward about a year.
And for my 33rd birthday
This set finally became mine..
We got a great deal on it.
$79 for all three
Plus $12 shipping

So here is a up close look at the 
Three Dolls
Calavera- The Skull
Pumpkin- The Jack-O-Lantern
Gabriella The Ghoul
Three adult size plastic masks
Three Tshirt
Living Dead Dolls Retro Halloween Sets 
Masks on

Masks off

Original  Pumpkin and Retro Pumpkin
Different Orange on the face
Original Pumpkins outfit is a bit more bloody
and he can hold his pail.

And yes the mask are wearable.

Oh and the best part is they mask on the dolls GLOW!!

I love it when dolls glow.
It just makes them that much cooler.

The t-shirt is awesome.
My only complaint is that it is so big.
XL- It is huge on me.
I want it in a small.

My husband wears his regularly.
He is actually wearing it today.

The other one we are going to frame 
and hang on the wall.

The box that the set comes in
is the perfect way to display the mask.
With cool retro drawings all over it.

All in all this set rocks.
I am so happy we have added it to the collection.
Since they came out awhile ago
They are usually sold out on most online shops.
You can get lucky though if you look around.

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