Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy Canvas Prints

This is a great way to display those special pictures.
As a prize on La Maison Boheme
I received 7 $10 gift cards.
So excited cause it was the day before my birthday!!
Was a bit worried I wasn't going to be
able to use them all together.
Spoke on the phone with a Representative.
She was so sweet and worked with me.

Totally knew what pic I wanted on canvas.
Ever since I took this pic of my little girl
 I wanted to blow it up and hang it on the wall.
Look how amazing it came out.
The print job is perfect.

The back

This product is well made 
It would make a great gift
Totally add's that special something to any house.
They can take almost any photo and put it on canvas.
They have all different sizes and types of canvas
Go check them out!!

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