Friday, March 30, 2012

Evy's Tree - Hoodies

Have you heard of Evy's Tree?
(adorable story of how they came up with the name)
I know the first time I saw Amy's hoodies 
I was in love.
Embellishing hoodies with ruffles and barilla's.
The one I had my eye on was The Black Night Brilla

Just loving the all over ruffle look.

Here are a few other of my favorites.

Their newest REFASHIONED hoodie
Made from cut up pieces
 of the men's hoodies.

Look at this darling dress

Kid size hoodies.

I received a Gift certificate as a prize
from their birthday bash giveaway.
Excited is not even the word
I was ecstatic.
The two we picked was the 

My little girl adores this hoodie.
She was so excited when she first put it on.
It is totally her style.
So dainty and sweet.

Can you guess which one I picked.

I absolutely love it.
It is the softest most comfortable 
thing I have ever worn.
The ruffle hood it so sassy.
People are always complimenting it.
Extremely happy with The Black Night Brilla.

I suggest you go and  check out the Evy's Tree Shop

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