Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Ink (Premiering Tuesday @10)

Being a lover of Tattoo's and addicted to reality TV 
(seriously I can't get enough)
This show caught my eye
Premiering on Tuesday at 10

Honestly I was a bit disappointed
 with the artist on Ink Masters
They were suppose to be the best in the world
and the mistakes made were just horrendous.
Best Ink has recruited 10 respected tattoo artist
from across the country.
Broken down into 8 episodes.
Art is going to be created for and
and on real people
in challenges designed to show of 
the artist skills
Flash challenge and Ink challenge
The host is Kimberly Caldwell
Head Judge Joe Capobianco 
(world-renowned tattoo artist )
Judge Sabina Kelley
(international pinup model and tattoo shop owner)
Rotating Guest Judge

The Prize:
Cover and Feature spread in Tattoo Magazine
The ultimate bragging rights of having
The Best Ink

I'm not familiar with any of these artist so
 I don't know who I am routing for yet.
But from the preview the art work looks amazing.
Shows on Oxygen are usually drama filled.
Which for some strange reason
 makes it even better I think.

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