Sunday, March 25, 2012

LumiSource BoomPod

BoomPod- Rant/Burn
The wife received a credit to The Foundary 
and gave it to me to pick anything I wanted.
So choosing the BoomPod was all me.
With the PS VITA in mind this was the perfect fit.
The BoomPod steps that handheld volume to the max.
Even jamming to your own tunes while 
hack'n or slash'n your way home to victory.
This BoomPod will handle just that.
Easy to use with a lightup volume knob(red).
Run's off 4 "AA" battery's hidden in a 
zip pouch in the back of the unit.
There is a small handle sewn above the battery pouch.
That given to much stress will defiantly be the first thing to go.
I played most of Dungeon Hunter Alliance 
arched back in this BoomPod-Boom Chair.
And at 6'2 my back was not happy.
It's not very padded so a small pillow
 is a must for and adult to use.
Although the six year old fit right in,
 rollin left and right groovin to the Boom of the pod.
As I watched her pick up the BoomPod and carry it to her playroom.
I realized the kids would get more use out 
of this rockin game accessory then I would.
So a good score indeed.
It orginally was $79.99
The Foundary had it on sale for $44.00
The Credit was for $50
All we payed was the $5.95 shipping

I'll just have to save my dreams for the egg chair...
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By: The Kain

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