Monday, October 8, 2012

Neverland Nook's Bows

Miss Blue is very fashion forwards for being 7.
She loves to dress girly.
Tutu's and hair bows are her thing.
It was extremely exciting when
 I was picked as the winner of the
 Neverland Nook's BOW-dacious giveaway.

My first thought was Blue is going to love these.
A small little package arrived FILLED with bows.
Today Miss Blue worn one!

She just looked adorable.
Her smile was huge when she put it in.
It was the perfect accessory for her outfit today.
She really hit the bow jackpot.
They are super cute and well made.

The most exciting part is they gave us 18 bows.
Her bow holder is now full.
She has a lot of cute options and colors to wear.

Thank you  ladies of  Neverland Nook's.
You have made my darling Blue extra sassy and happy!

Go check out their Etsy

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