Monday, September 24, 2012

Cadbury Screme Eggs

We love Halloween in 
The Dollhouse.
All the spooky decor, costumes, and CANDY!!
We are all guilty of having huge 
sweet tooth's here.

My husband starts buying Cadbury eggs
the day they come out.
Then all through out Easter, they
are his favorite.
He usually has a whole hidden
stash of Cadbury eggs in the refrigerator.

Naturally being a lover of chocolate and all 
things spooky.
Once I heard about the Screme Eggs 
I wanted to get my hands on some.
Mentioned them to the Hubby, 
next thing I knew we were in the
car on the way to the store to get some.
They had a few boxes left we bought 
one that had about 10 in it.
Hubby was excited because this meant
he wouldn't have to wait till 
Easter to get his favorite treat.

I love the wrapping!
It is so awesome they went with a light
purple and lime green instead of just
orange and black.

Same delicious Cadbury chocolate.
I think it would have been really spooky
if they put a skull or creepy
face on the egg.

The filling was good.
I don't regularly like the filling part.
But it was sweet but not over sweet.
The green was mostly for looks
didn't get a lime flavor or anything.

This was really a ghoultastic egg.
I hope they keep coming out with spooky eggs.
Brain eggs and fill them with jelly.
Oh my that would be amazing.

I am excited for the all spooky snacks this year.

And once all the Halloween candy 
goes on discount we  stock up. 
The Screme Eggs will be on the list of must haves!
They are just that Ghoulllllllld.

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