Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monster HIgh Birthday Goodies

My sweet Blue turns 7 today.
She had a blast at her birthday party.
It's always a good time with our party crew!
And O boy did she get a lot of Monster High Goodies.
(Thanks to Papa Homer, Nana, Papa,
Mommy, Daddy, Jess and Kathleen)
First let's start off with her new Frankie Stein Doll.
Being that she has Draculara of this set
she was super excited to get Frankie.
We love her just look how pretty she is, 
and all her neat little details.


Miss blue got a bunch of awesome
Monster High Clothes too!

She is going to be the coolest kid
 in school next year for sure!

Don't forget the accessories!

Some Monster High Artsy stuff so 
she can tap into that creative side.

I have a feeling she is going to be playing with
her girls all day!

I ended up making a Monster High birthday cake,
she loved it!

She received the coolest birthday card ever!!!

And little does she know,
we have a extra secret birthday surprise for her later!
(From Papa Homer)
Thanks to my amazing family for making her 7th bday
one she will never forget.
We love you guys!!!

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