Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sharis Berries O my YUMMMMM.

I have been drooling over Sharis Berries for some time now.
So it was a awesome having this show up at our door.

So I know your all dying to know what was in the box.

First box three mini cheesecakes

My kids eyes were both huge looking at all the yum
they had in front of them.
Soooo we went for the white cheesecake first.
And well we devoured it in about a min.
Well maybe two.
It was good and creamy.
Next we went for the chocolate cheesecake.
I think I liked this one a bit better.
Maybe it was the chocolate on top.
This cake seemed to be creamer too.
Me and the kiddies ate a good bunch of this one too.
Then we all decided that we were full.
Yes our belly's were full of the yum.

A bit later I sneaked into the kitchen.
I have been dying to try one of these strawberries.
I promised my hubby I would wait for him to get home.
But I couldn't help it they were calling to me.
I only took two bites and they were so good.

First off they are huge.
The strawberry is so sweet and juicy
and the white chocolate was scrumptious.
My mouth was seriously in heaven.
They are defiantly as good as they look!
Want to try some of these delicious berries.
They make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Oh and we love when company's put 
cute bows on their packaging.
Cause we turn them into hair bows ..

I want to thank Sharis Berries and RetailMeNot
This is a very sweet mothers day weekend 

These treats are 100%

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