Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Emily The Strange Comic!!

So my wonderful family surprised me yesterday 
with a mothers day comic.
Now I am not really the comic book type.
But I am obsessed with Emily the Strange.
So I was really excited to finally have 
one to add to my Emily collection.
This is #4 of the 13th Hour.
Who will win the Battle of Blackrock!?
One thing I love is the art work it is just awesome.
Dark and creepy just the way I like it.
The actual comic is all black and white 
on shiny gloss paper.

There is even a few pages of fan art work.
All in all I love it.
Oh and the number 13 is all 
over this comic in and out.
Which you know is my favorite number.
So that makes me smile.
The story looks good too.
You can get you own
 Emily Comic 
Not to mention a lot of really cool Emily stuff.

Thank you my wonderful hubby and kiddies
You made mommy's day

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