Sunday, May 20, 2012

Romeo and Juliet Living Dead Doll Set

Romeo & Juliet
This was the one set that I have always wanted.
But I let slip through my fingers.
It seemed every time I saw it
the money I had was meant for someone else.
I didn't find it right to spend Christmas money on myself.
Even though I really wanted too.
Well I'll fast forward a bit.
Finally I had money to spend and I was ready to get the set.
But unfortunately Spencer's was sold out.
They said they would call me when they
got a new shipment in.
I got the call a few weeks later.
And I didn't answer it.
I had spent the money.
On what I cant remember.
But I am still bummed out about that.

Now lets really fast forward like 10 plus years.
I always talk about this set.
It's the one that I really light up when I see.
My husband being so amazing picked up on that.
And for our three year anniversary
Surprised me with this set.
I was beyond excited.
This set was finally apart of my collection.
My smile was huge.

We put them on special bow shelves.
I wanted to put them together but hubby
thought it was more fitting for them to be apart.
Since they are Romeo and Juliet.
 I adore them.
"Death lies on her like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field"
Consuming his poison, thinking all love is lost
And with a dagger through her heart, their fate is sealed
"Never was there a story with more woe
Than this tale of Juliet and her Romeo" 

"Sealed with a righteous kiss
A dateless bargain to engrossing death"
Vacant eyes stare in undead bliss
With star-crossed lovers breathing their final breath 

They both have a un-dead stare.
Juliet's outfit is so my style.
Little black corseted dress.
Knee socks with lace trim at top.
Pink Velvet Bolero with a skull patch.
Black buckle choker and a black band bracelet.
Rocking combat boots.
(If you know me , 
you know I love the knee socks and boots look)

Romeo is rocking a studded belt 
and some tight vinyl pants.
Studded jean jacket.
Metal Choker necklace.
Love Kill punk rock shirt.
Rocking Combat boots too.
Has a total Sid ViciousFeel.
(That is why I really wanted this set)

Back View

These two are the perfect set.
Their love is undying.
And I always catch Romeo
whispering in Juliet's ear.
I wonder what he is saying!

This set goes for a lot more now a days.
When it first came out it was a Spencer's exclusive.
Costing $52.00
If you go on a good hunt you might be able to find this
set at a decent price.
But they are so worth it.

Thank you 

This set is just as awesome as expected!
To my Hubby I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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