Thursday, May 17, 2012

Delmar Designs - Mini Starburst Round Pendant

Miss Blue's room is pretty fancy these days.
The only thing that was missing
was a pretty light fixture
for her princess room.
I was looking for something that
would not be to bright
and give her room a pretty light.
Then magically I received a email
that I was chosen as the winner
of the Delmar Designs Mini Starburst
I was so excited this was it the
 perfect light for her room.
It arrived really fast.
We didn't put it up right away.
So it sat in the box for a few weeks.
My dad put it up for us when he was down visiting.
It's a glass globe with a starburst in the center.

The tiniest little light bulb clicks in
that center piece.

I was a bit worried that the light wasn't
going to be bright enough for her room.
but once it was all hooked up and bulb in we turned it on.

It was bright and lovely
it gives off the prettiest glow.
Perfect for her room just the feel I wanted.

The glow even makes a star on the ceiling.
She loves it.

We chose to hang it really short
just so daddy wouldn't hit his head on it.
And this way little guy isn't tempted to try and grab it.
But we could have hung it really low if we wanted.
It is great to have that option.

Need more light
you can hang a whole bunch of pendants

Pendants not your thing Del Mar's
has ceiling fans, chandeliers,  
and a lot of low cost stylish lighting.

Go check them out!

Thank you so much Melissa and The Del Mar Crew
You have made this doll smile.


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