Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ruff Rider Handbag by Iron Fist

Ruff Rider Handbag by Iron Fist

This was a prize  from a giveaway on Mommy PR.
Why was Angela having this giveaway.
She saw this rocking purse and because she is awesome
decided she wanted to share it with one of her readers =)
I drooled over it the first time I saw it.
You know me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Iron Fist Brand.
So I entered ;)
Well the story gets even better cause I was chosen as the winner!!!

I have been carrying around my diaper bag for way to long.
It is time for mommy to have a upgrade in bags.

Although I loved my diaper bag.
It was huge and cute.
But I am overly excited about my new purse.

I just love how Iron Fist is all about the Zombies

Time to see if everything I need fits.
Cause yes this is a fashion upgrade but it is a size downgrade.

Diapers and wipey's (check)
I even was able to squeeze in my little changing mat.

Let me just slide my wallet in the back pocket.
Even has a little pocket for my phone.

Which is good cause my phone needs a safe home.

Now for the details:
Sequined Ruff rider skulls 
on the front of bag
Zipper trim detail
Chain link shoulder strap can be tucked into the bag to turn bag into a clutch
Dual compartments for organization
100%Vegan made from synthetic leather
Approximate bag measurements 13.5" x 7.5" x 3"

 Rough Rider Line has a shoe for every girls style.

I am digging these cute flats!
Oh my they come in black and red =)
Most of these shoes do come in black, red, chrome

Even a sweet wallet to go with the purse.
Two great online shoe stores that carry Iron Fist

If your a bit naughty, punk or have a bit of evil in ya.
Iron Fist is edgy , stylish and O so rock and Roll!

Thank you Angela
I love my purse!!
You have made this doll smile BIG!!!

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