Monday, April 2, 2012

The Princess has been crowned

As a prize on Decorology
 I won a gift certificate to Urban Walls
This was super exciting  because
 they have the most perfect
crown decal for Miss Blue.
So choosing the decal was easy.
Danielle was a pleasure to work with.
It arrived super quick.
I was nervous cause daddy made it my
job to put the crown up.

And I am happy to report 
that this decal stuck to the wall.
Sometimes we have issues with
 decals sticking to her wall.
It went on with out one problem.
And it looks so pretty.
This was the surprise waiting for 
Miss blue when she got home.
The smile on her face was huge!

I am defiantly impressed with the quality of the decal.
It is the perfect piece for my little princess.
If your looking for some decals
or want to get a crown for your princess
 go check out

A big thanks to Ashley from Decorolgy and
Danielle from Urban Walls


  1. It looks so good!!! love it:) thank you so much for posting about it :)

  2. looks fab! You must have one happy little girl! - ashley@decorology