Monday, April 2, 2012

Light Effects Window Film

So excited to tell you all about this.
I have been eyeing them online for awhile.
The have a assortment at Home Depot
We seriously bought them out of stock.
13 rolls
Spending a little over $300
It took three per window.
The rolls are really small.
But it was so worth it.

Here is our bedroom window before

It get's a bit expensive with larger windows.
But this film is perfect for small windows.
Bath room , entryways and kitchen.
Look at the kitchen window now.

Miss blues window

But think of it this way for one stained glass window
your looking at like $300 bucks.
Not only does it look gorgeous but it gives you privacy.
You can't see in or out.
And it blocks out harmful UV rays.

It is very easy and quick to put on.
Clean window
Spray with soap and water solution
Cut to fit
Put on film
Squeegee water out
Then your done
Me and my husband are both
 blow away with how amazing the windows look now.
If you are looking for some privacy
or a stunning home accent
Light Effect Window films are just that..

The price per roll $19.99 - $23.97

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