Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Couture Inc .. Oh lala

Outfit's from Vintage Couture Inc.
 have been popping up all over in the mommy blog world.
I saw them and was like oh my they are pretty.
Have a six year old little fashionista,
 I knew I had to have one.

Here are a few of my favorites

As a prize on Real Moms Real Reviews
 I received and outfit of choice.
We were so excited.
Miss Blue pick out the outfit she wanted.
Can you guess which one she picked?
She had a hard time choosing cause she loved them all.
But the garden slumber was her favorite.
It arrived super fast.
In was in a box with a  Vintage Couture sticker on it.
So we knew what it was right away.
We opened it.
Oh my was I pleasantly surprised.
I knew the outfit was going to be cute.
 But didn't realize how nice it was going to be.
In the picture of the garden slumber
 you can't really see it.
But there is a really pretty bow
with a diamond circle pin on the waist.
My little girl squealed with excitement
 when I pull it out of the box.
Her reaction was Oh Mommy
 it is soooooooo pretty.
Then she he asked if she could try it on. 
Next thing I knew she had it on and
 was prancing around the room.
Her favorite part are the ruffle bell bottom pants.
She is rocking her new outfit today!!

Go see a pic of Miss Blue in her new outfit
Check her out in my Photo Album
(warning you will only be able to get in if you have a key)

Want to buy one of these adorable outfits for your little girl.

The prices range from $46.00 - $66.00

They are very well made and
 defiantly will make your little girl smile.
I know my little girl loves her's

Thank You Vintage Couture Inc. & Real Mom's Real Views

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