Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miss Blue's new tree ..

You can get your Lovely Owl Tree  
at Pink n Blue Baby Etsy Shop

First we had to decided what color tree to get.
I wanted a pink one cause that is her fav color.
And it would match her bedspread.
Daddy said NO!!
We came to agreement on a forest green tree.
Since the carpet is that color
 it would look like it grew up from the carpet.
Im glad we did and I have to 
admit my hubby was right. 
On Sunday daddy made it his
 project to get Miss Blue's tree up.
(I was on kid duty)
She was super excited.
First he had to cut all the tree pieces apart

Looks like daddy has a big puzzle ahead of him.
Ran into a bit of a problem though.
For some reason the decal wouldn't stick to the wall.
He had to rethink his plan.
Decided to leave on the protective clear layer.
Cutting each piece even closer to the decal.
It still was falling down.
His solution paint the wall and then stick the decal to the paint.
He quickly gave the wall a roll
then stuck the decal on.

It worked =)
And it looks so good.
Not sure why the decal wouldn't stick
We are thinking maybe it is the finish paint in her room.
It would have taken him a lot less time.
But we are loving how it looks!!

We received our lovely owl tree as a prize
 from Emily's Review 

Thank you Girls and Pink n Blue Baby..


  1. It looks GREAT! Love it. Thanks so much for the write up and for following along with my site :).

  2. I second what Emily said. Looks super! Thank you for following us! :)

  3. Thanks =) We were excited to finally get it up. She loves it!! Great blog of course I follow =) Happy Wednesday...