Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TOO FAST - Sample Bin Goodies

First I want to start off with saying I am sorry for being MIA for the last few year. Life has been keeping me busy and writing in this blog kinda got put on the back burner. I may pop in from time to time cause I do enjoy having a place to call my own.

I love TOO FAST they are one of my favorite brands. They have a rockabilly/punk rock/ goth edge that I look for in clothes. Most of their stuff has skull or bones on it and those of you that know me know I just adore that. Recently I was on the TOO FAST site checking out their RANDOM SALE bins. Its 12.99 for one random item, it could be anything from their site. I looked all over the internet for people posting what they got in their random packages only finding two You Tube videos. Luckily a few days later TOO FAST announced their BOGO SAMPLE BIN sale. If you go to the http://www.toofastonline.com/ site you can see all their clothes seriously rock. So a BOGO deal is a win win. You pay $9.99 per item and get a free one.  I ordered two meaning I was gonna have four clothing items sent to me. Total was $26.95 ( shipping will cost $6.95 unless your total hits $50 and then shipping is free). The shipping was super fast and in arrived in a matter of days. Now I must warn you the excitement I had running thru my body was intense I mean anything could be showing up on my door step. My first time around I got a super cute Betty Boop dead of the dead tank, a killer skull skirt and two very naughty nightgowns. Honestly I was a bit bummed I got two of the same items. But I was so in love with the other two items I didn't let it rain on my parade.
 Also my husband really really liked the nightgowns.
But check out how sick this skirt is,
 I can not wait to wear it out.
I got a email that the SAMPLE BIN sale was extended. I was excited because I was ready to roll the dice again and see what I got. I even posted it on my Facebook page and my bestie ordered herself some. Shipping was super fast again and we made a plan to do a video chat un-boxing. It was so much fun seeing her and having a spooky mini fo-Christmas. We now have a new tradition!

So I know your all dying to know 
what I got in my second package!
Once again my total was $26.95 which is a
 steal for all the amazing goodies I got!
I was seriously excited and loved everything.
 I even had my hubby follow me around the house 
taking pics of me in my new TOO FAST clothing.
 Believe me he loved this! 
I apologize for the sleepy eyes but it was getting late. 
But I wanted to get this post up asap to give people
 a chance to order their own SAMPLE BIN goodies.

I have had my Ouija board leggings for almost a year now
 but never had the perfect shirt to go with them. 
Until now this sweatshirt is the 
match I have been looking for.
 Also the material is not traditional sweatshirt 
material this has a smoother feel to it. 
My husband jokingly asked if I was going scuba diving.
 I am seriously going to live in this 
sweatshirt it is beyond comfortable. 
Only thing I am going to get a CATS patch and
 cover Satan for now (WORSHIP CATS hell yeah!). 
Just cause I have little kids and don't want to 
scare them or send a wrong message to them.

    Second item was this hot little skeleton dress.
It is super soft and comfy.
   And hey look Batman wanted to be in the picture!
 ( I wuv that little fur ball)
                    This is a fun little flirty dress that I will get good wear out of.

The back is seriously SEXY
 I just don't have the perfect bra for it just yet.
    So I had my strappy tank under it. 
But the back is fully backless except for the crisscross straps.
Next item I thank the legging gods and Chrissy
 for being so awesome and hooking a doll up!
Honestly the one thing I was really
 hoping for was a pair of leggings.
I rock printed leggings all the time.
They are my favorite thing to wear.
TOO FAST leggings are the best!
I mean you put a pair of  TOO FAST 
leggings on they are smooth as silk.
The print is crisp and bright.
They make your butt look amazing. 
I was super excited when I realized that 
I had a pair of
in my package!

Now I just need a BAD BETTIE 
shirt to wear with my leggings!
       Last item I got was a t shirt.
 One thing I love about TOO FAST is even their
 T-shirts have a bit of flare.
They are tight fitting with a bit of stretch letting
the shirt hug your curves.
Every shirt I have ever received
 from TOO FAST
I have loved.
 You can't really see them in this picture but 
the shoulders have little bow ties on them.
 Adding  a bit of girly flare to this sweet skeleton shirt.
 Like I said before I love 
skulls and bones so this was a perfect match for me!

     So the moral of this blog post is 
go and order yourself  a  SAMPLE BIN.
You won't be disappointed.
Not only are their clothes nice to look at they 
are quality made to last. 
I wear my TOO FAST leggings weekly 
and they are still as bright and perfect fitting as the first time I wore them.
 I now know every time they 
 I will surely be ordering.
I love TOO FAST,
they hold all sorts of great sales thru the year too.
 So definitely keep your eyes out! 
 I hope this helps anyone on the fence about ordering,
 with a company that has so many killer items it really is a win win.

Thank you TOO FAST crew!

Over and out till next time.
Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse


  1. It's all cute but I love your leggings!!! I also think worshipping cats is a great idea. A tiny bit more kid friendly. You are the cutest mama ever.

  2. I like what you are wearing. Different style and unique Tshirt though. And Your pants look cool enough for an evening out with friends


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