Saturday, February 1, 2014

Miss Blue's PlayMG surprise!

It is no secret that we are complete
tech brats in The Dollhouse.
Daddy has his PS4, Mighty M
has his Innotab, I have my tablet,
and Miss Blue is constantly
playing on my phone.
Her Innotab was becoming
to kiddie for her.

Well Miss Blue has been doing 
amazing in school.
Straight A's, re-selected for book
club and moving up in her reading group.
We are so proud of her and I wanted
to get her something super special.
Over the holiday I had stumbled 
upon a giveaway for a 
I showed Miss Blue and her eyes lit up!
This was the perfect thing for my ghoul.
Since she had asked for a phone
for Christmas , but seriously she wont 
be getting a phone till she is in her teens.
Not only was this device everything
her little heart desired.
The spokesgirl is Olivia Holt
(you might know her from
Girl VS Monster).
Olivia is one of her favorite actress
at the moment, so that made her
love it even more.
The more I thought about it
the more I knew we had to get this
for Miss Blue.
After new years I received 
the most exciting email.
I was selected as the winner.
Out of 500 entries I was the one.
Honestly I was jumping up and down.
It shortly arrived, but we decided we 
were going to wait to give it to Miss Blue.
As a reward for doing so good in school.
So it sat on the pool table for weeks.
Which was so hard cause I had
to keep it a secret and I was beyond
excited to give it to her.
Last night was the night.
Daddy handed her the box.
She slowly opened it, with
a huge grin on her face.
First thing in the box was 
this sweet little note from Lori
aka Wellconnectedmom.
I don't think Miss Blue expected 
what was in the box.
Her face lit up even more 
when she realized what it was.
The PlayMG came with a bunch 
of goodies too.
Charger/ UBS cord
Memory cards
$10 Master card
Not to mention this really neat slide 
out box for safe keeping.
It didn't come with a case.
Luckily Amazon had a 
blue PlayMG case on sale.
We ordered one of those 
to make sure Miss Blues 
super awesome android device 
stays in good shape.
This is something she is going to 
have and use for a very long time.
So what is a PlayMG you ask....
Its a android gaming system designed
for younger people.
It has a 4 inch touch screen
Front facing camera
Slip pocket design and opening
for a lanyard.
It also has a built in 
family calibration system.
This way you can add fund to 
your kids virtual wallet.
Also keep a eye on what 
they spend their time playing.
It comes loaded with fun apps.
Not to mention all the fun apps
it has access to in the
 Google Play store.
She has already downloaded
Barbie word search, Ninja Math,
Vampire Hospital and a few others.
You know I am all about the educational apps.
Oh and it has wifi so Miss Blue can get
online and go to her favorite sites.
It's basically a smart phone
without the contract, monthly bills,
or phone service.
It is just a tad bit bigger then 
my My Touch as you can see.
It gives her the feel of a phone.
 She is loving the touch screen.
I woke up this morning and she was already playing on it.
 And I have a feeling she wont be putting it down much today.

Miss Blue has been working hard 
this year in school.
We are all very proud of her!
Not to mention she is an amazing kid.
We love her so very much!
She has earned this, and totally deserves it!
Want to get your tween a PlayMG?
Go check out the site 
The 24G is currently on sale for 
$149.99 reg: $179.99
Also go and check out 
She reviews a lot of techie goodies.
Not to mention has giveaways all the time.
PlayMG is 100%


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