Monday, October 7, 2013

If your wondering...

So yes it has been over a month
since I have popped in here.
I am sorry but I am just kinda
over the internet these days.
This blog used to make me smile and
I wanted to keep it going but my motivation is gone.
If you go to watch either of our
Youtube channels you won't find them. 
They both have been deleted.
It was fun while it lasted but I rather just
 erase them then have them sitting there.
They were for my friends and family and being on
Youtube anyone in the world could watch 
them and the thought of that kinda freaked me out.
Yes I am a overprotective MOM.
I don't even know what was going on in my brain.
 I hate attention and talking to people.
It was good for Miss Blue and a lot of fun with her.
But recording and editing those
 videos took way to much time.
I love not being on a deadline for anything.

What has been going on in The Dollhouse...
Lots of doll collecting and cupcake baking.
Oh and school work and making sure my kids
are smiling and happy.

So is this blog going to disappear too?
Maybe , maybe not...
I have so many things I could write
about too.
Just wish I could relight the spark
I had for this but all is left is the smoke.

My anti-social weirdo has taken over.

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