Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daddy's MEGA Monster High surprise!!!

I write this post with a
huge smile on my face.
Tonight my love crossed off a few dolls
from our Monster High MUST HAVE LIST.

Let me start from the beginning though.
Those of you that collect 
Monster High know how wanted
all the boy dolls are.
Not only are they wanted but
sometimes really hard to find.
I have been calling stores daily
asking if any of the new sets were in
with no luck on any of them.

The other day we had the car to 
to go doll hunting.
Even though I had called the Justice
in the mall earlier that morning we still
went in to take a peek.
While I was there I gave them my 
number and told them to call me
when the new swim dolls came in.
Holt Hyde to be exact!

This morning I called two other 
Justices in the area and still no Holt.
I noticed I had a missed call around 3 
o'clock today and I didn't recognize the number.
Listened to the message it was the
girl from Justice letting me know the dolls were in.
I called her back right away.
She let me know that she put a Frankie 
on hold for me but that there was no Holt.
Once I got off the phone with her I 
called the other Justice and asked if they had 
a Holt at the store.
She said "yes", I told her to hold one for me.
Texted Luke and told him the good news.
I was so excited and  the kiddies
were counting the hours down till daddy got home.
One thing about my hubby is he is sneaky.
I had called him  around 7 and 
he said he was on his way.
Little did I know he made a few
extra stops on the way home.

He walked in with the Justice bag and 
both kids ran over to him all excited.
First surprise!!!
He was able to get two Holts!
Finally Holt is in The Dollhouse, yay!

He went back out to the car and came in
with another bag.
Second surprise!!!!
Inside was:
Home Ick : Abbey and Heath set
Music Festival Draculaura and Claude set
Dance 5 pack including Gil Weber

Did he just score every new boy doll
that has recently come out?
I swear he has the best luck when it comes 
to boy dolls.
I have been calling around for
all of these for weeks.
Been out hunting a few times too and 
found nothing.
He goes out once and comes home 
with them all.
Apparently the stores by us still don't have any,
it was the area by the mall that had them all.
This is what us doll hunters call a GRAND SLAM!!!!

He played it off so cool on the phone so 
I had no idea what was going on.
I was so excited about the one Holt and
he came home with all of this.
Excitement is in the air tonight!
I no longer have to call around
and stress over when these dolls are getting in.
I can just relax and just enjoy the new 
additions to the Monster High collection!

I also must put in here,
that my hubby is very proud of himself.
Not only that he scored so big,
but it was a total surprise for us!

Miss Blue was extra excited about the dance 5 pack.
Daddy even bought her one of her
 own for her collection too.

This is one happy little girl!
All because her daddy rocks and 
loves her so very much.

Want to get some of these dolls yourself?
Holt Hyde ( Justice Exclusive: he is selling fast so hurry.)
Draculaura and Claude Music Fest 2 pack ( Kmart Exclusive)
Abbey and Heath Burns : Home Ick set  ( Toys r Us, Target, Kmart)
Dance 5 pack ( Target Exclusive)

Hurry though everyone is on the hunt for these dolls!


  1. Congrats. When I ask my man to pick up one doll he laughs at me and tells me Maya has too many (around 100, but not every single one every made). I was lucky to get everyone but Holt...still working on it. :-)

  2. I don't know what has gotten into my hubby lately. But he has some serious Monster High mania going on. I joke with my little girl everyday that it's awesome daddy is into Monster High now.. hehe Keep calling Justice everyday. They will hold a doll for you up to 27 hours. Our collection hasn't hit 100 yet but I am sure it will soon. =) Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse.