Monday, May 7, 2012

We got our BLIK on!!!!

So you remember how last month my pinboard 
was chosen as the Blik Birthday celebration winner.
And all the awesome decals we picked
out with out $200 certificate

Now it is one thing to win a giveaway by
being a number randomly selected.
It is special when you win for
 by being creative and
 chosen as the favorite.
This was so exciting and
 I am still thru the roof excited.
I had put a lot of thought
and a few days into making my board.
And it felt great to know they got my idea
and I was going to be rewarded.
(Insert big O'le smiley face here)
And a BIG THANK you to the Blik crew!!!

Well tonight my awesomely wonderful husband
 put them all up.
(Insert another big O'le smiley face here)

But I'll take you back to the start.

It all started with a huge tube with Blik written all over it.
(And yes my husband paused Macgyver to be in the shot Ha.)
Even the squeegee's are RAD!
They have a whole collection of them

This is our pile of Blik

First one up.
The decal I wanted more then any other.
If you are my friend on facebook then
you know how many times I posted this
saying how badly I wanted it.
We were going to put it the dinning room.
But decided to put it on our bedroom door.
Since it would stand out really nice on the silver door.
And the door is a really nice smooth surface.
Look how freaking amazing this thing is.

I am blow away by it and now I  get to see it everyday.
It did come with butterfly's with pins in them.
(hubby didn't want butterfly's in his game room)
We are going to put them on the back side of the door.
I'm going to do them in  a 13!
(I'll post a pic of them shortly)

Next up was the bone tree
we were going to put this in the foyer.
But then it made more sense to put in 
Daddy's dragon slaying corner.
(Daddy get's his game on in this corner)

He put the pile of bones wrapped around the corner 
which looks awesome.
We also decided to hold on to the rock and pop dudes.
Only putting the death one up.
We figure when the kids get older
 we will put them in their area.
But for now we want to keep them safe.

Hubby's game room got some serious
 Blik Awesomeness going on now!!

So how was the Blik experience you ask
Pretty freaking amazing.
I was a bit worried that putting these
 up was going to be hard.
But it turned out to be even easier then expected.
They come with step by step instructions and 
all you need to do is follow them.

My love knocked them all out tonight.
I only helped him a bit with the bone tree.
Just to make it go smoother for him.

I am so ecstatic with how it all looks.
And to finally have some Blik on our walls.
So know what you need to do now.
GO and get your Blik on!!!

They will take you boring walls 
and turn them into works of art!
These wall graphics are very good quality and easy to use.
Their decals are not your normal run of the mill.
They are over the top and exceptional.
Thank you Blik crew once again!!
You have made this doll smile HUGE!!

And yes they are 100% 

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