Thursday, April 19, 2012

Think Geek!!! It's here..

Think Geek is such a neat company.
They have some really cool gadgets.

My order has arrived..

They sent me a tracking number
and I was able see where it was each day.
(I love when company's do that)

So I bet you are dying to know what I got.
I received a $50 certificate from 
I knew right away I was going to get 
the Zombie Head Cookie jar.

Then I saw the Vampire Family Decals
Got hubby a 
Super Mario Snerdles Question Box.

The zombie head cookie jar 
is freaking AWESOME!!
So is the box it comes in!!!

I'm so excited.
This is the perfect cookie jar 
for my spooky kitchen.
It was crafted by Symbiote Studios
for Think Geek.
It's 12 inches tall and 32 inches round.
They are hand painted
so no two are alike.
Which makes me love it even more!

Next we got the
Vampire Family Decal
Go now on sale for $5.99
Told you this was going on our car.

 The question box
was just a added piece of fun.

Think Geek is so awesome.
Go check them out!!!

And go like them on Facebook

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