Thursday, April 5, 2012

Being Human : The Show to watch..

So it is very rare that I get super sucked into a show.
But right from the start I was hooked.
I stumbled upon it on accident and
 haven't stopped watching it since.
What Show am I talking about?
Being Human !!!
Some of you may know about the BBC version.
Which it the original.
But I have watched both and the SYFY 
one is defiantly my fav.
I had  only caught a few episodes on demand.
And the next day my husband went out and 
bought me the whole first season.
Which I watched straight through that night!!!
So what is the story you ask?
A Vampire, A Werewolf and A Ghost all live in a house.
And they are all trying to live a somewhat normal life.
Aiden the vampire is trying to go blood free.

Josh the werewolf is just trying to live with his new curse.

Working at the local hospital 

Sally the ghost  just trying to
figure out to do with all her time.

These characters are so well written
and you just get sucked in.

Season one was almost the same as th BBC version.
With a few differences.
Now season two completely different the writers
didn't even watch the BBC version.
Season two it becomes a bit harder for
  Aiden to be blood free
when he gets put in charge of Boston.

And his love Surren comes back.

We see a darker uglier side of Aiden.
But you feel bad for the guy.
He was trying to be good and now is forced
back into the world of blood and killing.

Josh has turned Nora into a werewolf.
Sweet Nora realizes she enjoys being a wolf.

We finally meet Josh's x Juila
and well Im not going to give it away.
But last weeks episode was intense.

Sally missing her door the end of season one.
And now she is  stuck! What's a ghost to do?
Sally has a really dark time.
Possessing, being chased by the blackness,
 and becoming a ghost reaper.

This second season has had some 
Oh my god moments.
It was just so good.
Meeting some new characters along the way.
I can't believe that the season finale is next week already.
Went too fast I'm so hooked I want more.
If you haven't watched it I suggest you
 go and watch season 1 first
Season One Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

On Monday @ 9 SYFY

Can't wait for new weeks episode!
 I will be counting down the days for season 3!

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