Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba shoes...

My boy's have a serious Yo Gabba Gabba shoe collection

Hurry Journey has Yo Gabba Gabba shoes on sale  Go to JOURNEYS
Originally these shoes were $49.99 now they are $19.99
And yes they have them in adult sizes too.
Sadly they were all sold out of Foofa in Miss Blue's size or we would have gotten her a pair too...

A few months ago we bought 2 pairs for $49.99 = $100
This time thanks to this sale we got four pairs for under $80
And that was even including shipping

They are selling quick!!!!
These shoes are well made..
Yo gabba gabba from the inside out..
Were exclusively made for Journey's
And are Van's Yay!!!

Totally worth the $19.99

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