Saturday, March 10, 2012

Acer Aspire

Acer Aspire Ultrabook

I had a amazingly lucky day in February..
Why you ask.. Well..
I was chosen as the winner of a Acer Ultrabook.. From the live web cast on 5 minutes for mom with Microsoft and Windows..It couldn't have been more perfect timing see the hubby was planning on taking me out laptop shopping two days later.. I was going to get a HP cause that is the computer I have always used!! And I was going to just get a cheaper one. I guess all my cards were lined up right cause that is the only reason I was even able to attend the webcast. My heart seriously skipped a beat when I saw my name announced as the winner. And I still have perma grin. That was on Friday and to my surprise it was here on Wednesday.. Holy wow that was fast.. So I slowly open the box and then I saw it.. Oh my was it sexy. Yes I just call a electronic sexy but that is the first word that pops in my head..  

And I seriously love this machine. It is so light my old laptop was so big and heavy it never left my night stand.
My Acer comes with me almost everywhere.. It is so nice having it with me in the kitchen if I need to look up a recipe then bam I got a whole page of recipes.. It just makes life so much easier. The metal it is made out of does not get fingerprints. You don't know how wonderful this is for a mom with two small kids that has fingerprints on everything. The key board I love. My HP had 6 keys missing I had to be so delicate when typing in fear another key would fall off. This keyboard just feels great. The start up is amazingly fast. And battery life oh my the battery can last over 7 hours on one charge. My HP had to be plugged in constantly or it would die. Probably another reason it stayed on the nightstand. I feel a computer freedom I can move around and not worry about it dying on me. The screen is the perfect size I really love how thin and light this computer is.

I had never even thought about getting a Acer in the past.
But I feel incredibly lucky to have one now..
And I am now a total Acer girl!!!

Thanks you so much 
5 Minutes for Mom
Kristina Libby

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