Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TOO FAST - Sample Bin Goodies

First I want to start off with saying I am sorry for being MIA for the last few year. Life has been keeping me busy and writing in this blog kinda got put on the back burner. I may pop in from time to time cause I do enjoy having a place to call my own.

I love TOO FAST they are one of my favorite brands. They have a rockabilly/punk rock/ goth edge that I look for in clothes. Most of their stuff has skull or bones on it and those of you that know me know I just adore that. Recently I was on the TOO FAST site checking out their RANDOM SALE bins. Its 12.99 for one random item, it could be anything from their site. I looked all over the internet for people posting what they got in their random packages only finding two You Tube videos. Luckily a few days later TOO FAST announced their BOGO SAMPLE BIN sale. If you go to the http://www.toofastonline.com/ site you can see all their clothes seriously rock. So a BOGO deal is a win win. You pay $9.99 per item and get a free one.  I ordered two meaning I was gonna have four clothing items sent to me. Total was $26.95 ( shipping will cost $6.95 unless your total hits $50 and then shipping is free). The shipping was super fast and in arrived in a matter of days. Now I must warn you the excitement I had running thru my body was intense I mean anything could be showing up on my door step. My first time around I got a super cute Betty Boop dead of the dead tank, a killer skull skirt and two very naughty nightgowns. Honestly I was a bit bummed I got two of the same items. But I was so in love with the other two items I didn't let it rain on my parade.
 Also my husband really really liked the nightgowns.
But check out how sick this skirt is,
 I can not wait to wear it out.
I got a email that the SAMPLE BIN sale was extended. I was excited because I was ready to roll the dice again and see what I got. I even posted it on my Facebook page and my bestie ordered herself some. Shipping was super fast again and we made a plan to do a video chat un-boxing. It was so much fun seeing her and having a spooky mini fo-Christmas. We now have a new tradition!

So I know your all dying to know 
what I got in my second package!
Once again my total was $26.95 which is a
 steal for all the amazing goodies I got!
I was seriously excited and loved everything.
 I even had my hubby follow me around the house 
taking pics of me in my new TOO FAST clothing.
 Believe me he loved this! 
I apologize for the sleepy eyes but it was getting late. 
But I wanted to get this post up asap to give people
 a chance to order their own SAMPLE BIN goodies.

I have had my Ouija board leggings for almost a year now
 but never had the perfect shirt to go with them. 
Until now this sweatshirt is the 
match I have been looking for.
 Also the material is not traditional sweatshirt 
material this has a smoother feel to it. 
My husband jokingly asked if I was going scuba diving.
 I am seriously going to live in this 
sweatshirt it is beyond comfortable. 
Only thing I am going to get a CATS patch and
 cover Satan for now (WORSHIP CATS hell yeah!). 
Just cause I have little kids and don't want to 
scare them or send a wrong message to them.

    Second item was this hot little skeleton dress.
It is super soft and comfy.
   And hey look Batman wanted to be in the picture!
 ( I wuv that little fur ball)
                    This is a fun little flirty dress that I will get good wear out of.

The back is seriously SEXY
 I just don't have the perfect bra for it just yet.
    So I had my strappy tank under it. 
But the back is fully backless except for the crisscross straps.
Next item I thank the legging gods and Chrissy
 for being so awesome and hooking a doll up!
Honestly the one thing I was really
 hoping for was a pair of leggings.
I rock printed leggings all the time.
They are my favorite thing to wear.
TOO FAST leggings are the best!
I mean you put a pair of  TOO FAST 
leggings on they are smooth as silk.
The print is crisp and bright.
They make your butt look amazing. 
I was super excited when I realized that 
I had a pair of
in my package!

Now I just need a BAD BETTIE 
shirt to wear with my leggings!
       Last item I got was a t shirt.
 One thing I love about TOO FAST is even their
 T-shirts have a bit of flare.
They are tight fitting with a bit of stretch letting
the shirt hug your curves.
Every shirt I have ever received
 from TOO FAST
I have loved.
 You can't really see them in this picture but 
the shoulders have little bow ties on them.
 Adding  a bit of girly flare to this sweet skeleton shirt.
 Like I said before I love 
skulls and bones so this was a perfect match for me!

     So the moral of this blog post is 
go and order yourself  a  SAMPLE BIN.
You won't be disappointed.
Not only are their clothes nice to look at they 
are quality made to last. 
I wear my TOO FAST leggings weekly 
and they are still as bright and perfect fitting as the first time I wore them.
 I now know every time they 
 I will surely be ordering.
I love TOO FAST,
they hold all sorts of great sales thru the year too.
 So definitely keep your eyes out! 
 I hope this helps anyone on the fence about ordering,
 with a company that has so many killer items it really is a win win.

Thank you TOO FAST crew!

Over and out till next time.
Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

As you all know we love to dress up
in The Dollhouse.
It doesn't need to be Halloween for
this family to put on costumes for fun.
The kids dress up bin is seriously over flowing.
I was beyond excited to be able to 
pick and review a 
Alice in Wonderland costume.
We do have wonderland tea parties all the time. 
Miss Blue was in desperate need
 of a nice Alice costume.
Costume discounters has a great selection
of all types of Wonderland costumes.
Alice's Dark Side
Right away I knew which Alice costume we wanted.
Dark Alice was the one!

Cause yes we are all a little spooky here.
Not only was is a little darker than the
regular Alice costumes it was super cute.

Shipping was fast!
I must say I am super impressed
with this costume.
The material is a shiny black polyester
that shimmers in the light.

You know how some costumes have that
dinky velcro closure on the back,
happy to say this one didn't.

To make it fit her better I pinned the
sleeves in the back.
It is a slide over the head dress.
I did get a teen size medium.
Miss Blue is growing ever so fast
and I wanted to make sure that this fits
her for a good while.
It is stretchy and super comfy.
It even fit me!
Yay, looks like Miss Blue and I can
take turns being Alice.

Over the black dress is an attached
white apron with a pic of
Chester cat on it.

This was another reason I wanted 
Miss Blue to have this costume since
she loves that cat.
The sleeves are elastic ruffles that 
add to the cuteness of the dress.

With a ribbon trim all along the dress
with a few cute black bows.

This dress definitely has a lolita feel to it
that I LOVE!!!!
It also comes with a pair of glovelets
and thigh highs.
I think though for Miss Blue
a nice pair of stripey tights would work better.
She could also wear a petticoat underneath
to poof it out a bit.

If you are looking for a
Alice costume with a little
edge than this on in the one for you.
It is well made and as you can see
beyond lovely!

And of course when you say Wonderland
in this house a tea party happens.

Cause everyone loves the classic
Alice in Wonderland

Thank you Costume Discounters...
This costume is 100%

Make sure to check out their site
for all your Halloween and costume needs!

We were sent this costume free of charge.
For our honest review.
Not only did we love the costume 
it made for a really great Saturday.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Miss Blue's PlayMG surprise!

It is no secret that we are complete
tech brats in The Dollhouse.
Daddy has his PS4, Mighty M
has his Innotab, I have my tablet,
and Miss Blue is constantly
playing on my phone.
Her Innotab was becoming
to kiddie for her.

Well Miss Blue has been doing 
amazing in school.
Straight A's, re-selected for book
club and moving up in her reading group.
We are so proud of her and I wanted
to get her something super special.
Over the holiday I had stumbled 
upon a giveaway for a 
I showed Miss Blue and her eyes lit up!
This was the perfect thing for my ghoul.
Since she had asked for a phone
for Christmas , but seriously she wont 
be getting a phone till she is in her teens.
Not only was this device everything
her little heart desired.
The spokesgirl is Olivia Holt
(you might know her from
Girl VS Monster).
Olivia is one of her favorite actress
at the moment, so that made her
love it even more.
The more I thought about it
the more I knew we had to get this
for Miss Blue.
After new years I received 
the most exciting email.
I was selected as the winner.
Out of 500 entries I was the one.
Honestly I was jumping up and down.
It shortly arrived, but we decided we 
were going to wait to give it to Miss Blue.
As a reward for doing so good in school.
So it sat on the pool table for weeks.
Which was so hard cause I had
to keep it a secret and I was beyond
excited to give it to her.
Last night was the night.
Daddy handed her the box.
She slowly opened it, with
a huge grin on her face.
First thing in the box was 
this sweet little note from Lori
aka Wellconnectedmom.
I don't think Miss Blue expected 
what was in the box.
Her face lit up even more 
when she realized what it was.
The PlayMG came with a bunch 
of goodies too.
Charger/ UBS cord
Memory cards
$10 Master card
Not to mention this really neat slide 
out box for safe keeping.
It didn't come with a case.
Luckily Amazon had a 
blue PlayMG case on sale.
We ordered one of those 
to make sure Miss Blues 
super awesome android device 
stays in good shape.
This is something she is going to 
have and use for a very long time.
So what is a PlayMG you ask....
Its a android gaming system designed
for younger people.
It has a 4 inch touch screen
Front facing camera
Slip pocket design and opening
for a lanyard.
It also has a built in 
family calibration system.
This way you can add fund to 
your kids virtual wallet.
Also keep a eye on what 
they spend their time playing.
It comes loaded with fun apps.
Not to mention all the fun apps
it has access to in the
 Google Play store.
She has already downloaded
Barbie word search, Ninja Math,
Vampire Hospital and a few others.
You know I am all about the educational apps.
Oh and it has wifi so Miss Blue can get
online and go to her favorite sites.
It's basically a smart phone
without the contract, monthly bills,
or phone service.
It is just a tad bit bigger then 
my My Touch as you can see.
It gives her the feel of a phone.
 She is loving the touch screen.
I woke up this morning and she was already playing on it.
 And I have a feeling she wont be putting it down much today.

Miss Blue has been working hard 
this year in school.
We are all very proud of her!
Not to mention she is an amazing kid.
We love her so very much!
She has earned this, and totally deserves it!
Want to get your tween a PlayMG?
Go check out the site 
The 24G is currently on sale for 
$149.99 reg: $179.99
Also go and check out 
She reviews a lot of techie goodies.
Not to mention has giveaways all the time.
PlayMG is 100%

Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY fun wands

Mighty M came up with a great idea
to be a wizard for this years
Halloween party.
That meant mommy had to get to work.
Little guy wanted to enter the homemade costume contest.
We had the whole costume ready but what
is a wizard without his wand.
I knew I had to make him one.
Thought about it and did some Googling.
Miss Blue was going to be a witch she 
was going to need a wand as well.

It was easy and fun, and the kids loved them.
Perfect accessories for their magical costumes.
Since today is Saturday we had a 
wand-erful day planned.
Just in case your little ghoul is in need of a wand 
or you are just a Harry Potter nerd and want a 
wand for your self.
Here are some very simple instructions.

Items needed
Hot Glue
Paint brush

You can use regular wood chopstick.
I used metal chopsticks to add more weigh.
Cover your work area with
newspaper to avoid making a mess.
You will be working with paint and hot glue.

First step is to tightly roll the paper around the chopstick.
Once the paper is tightly rolled take
some Elmer's glue and glue it down.
Let it sit for a few minutes.
I also like to twist it very lightly to add 
some creases and wrinkles to the paper.
To seal the ends of the wands I
stick the hot glue gun tip in and fill it up.
That way the ends are solid and you don't
have to worry about them.

Next is painting, we had
these kiddie finger paint brushes.
Now normally a wand would be 
a brown or tan.
But that is a bit boring for us.
We prefer bright fun colors.

Give a few minutes for the paint to dry.
No worries if the paint job is not perfect.
This is only the base color.
Once paint is dry, plug in the hot glue gun.
Take your wand and have a little glue fun.
This is what is going to make the wand.
Do as much of little as you want it is really up to you.
I like to put a lot on my wand
 I think it adds to it greatly.
It also helps if you are slowly spinning the wand
 when putting on the hot glue.
Let the hot glue dry and harden.
Time to pick another color for your wand.
Mighty M wanted to use green for his second layer.
Lightly go over the hot glue spots with brush or finger.
This gives it a vine effect and looks super cool.
To add a bit of sparkle to the wands we added
some gems on random spots.
Just put a dot of hot glue on the wand and 
carefully place the gem.
Miss Blue also added some beads to her
wand she wanted it to be extra sparkly.
A great place for a gem is on the wand tip.
Here are the finale three wands.
The best part is you can do a wand of any color.
You can do it simple or more decorative.
It is really up to the maker and that's
what makes this a fun activity.
I have a feeling Miss Blue and I will
be making many more wands in the future.

Thanks for stopping by 
The Dollhouse....

Monday, October 7, 2013

If your wondering...

So yes it has been over a month
since I have popped in here.
I am sorry but I am just kinda
over the internet these days.
This blog used to make me smile and
I wanted to keep it going but my motivation is gone.
If you go to watch either of our
Youtube channels you won't find them. 
They both have been deleted.
It was fun while it lasted but I rather just
 erase them then have them sitting there.
They were for my friends and family and being on
Youtube anyone in the world could watch 
them and the thought of that kinda freaked me out.
Yes I am a overprotective MOM.
I don't even know what was going on in my brain.
 I hate attention and talking to people.
It was good for Miss Blue and a lot of fun with her.
But recording and editing those
 videos took way to much time.
I love not being on a deadline for anything.

What has been going on in The Dollhouse...
Lots of doll collecting and cupcake baking.
Oh and school work and making sure my kids
are smiling and happy.

So is this blog going to disappear too?
Maybe , maybe not...
I have so many things I could write
about too.
Just wish I could relight the spark
I had for this but all is left is the smoke.

My anti-social weirdo has taken over.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miss Blue's National American Miss Experience

Watch the newest Teh Dollhouse Girls video.
We talk about the pageant and show clips.
Don't forget to come back and read the post.
It is jammed pack full of photos and proud moments.

National American Miss has changed Miss Blue's life.
She started NAM weekend a shy nervous young lady.
After her big pageant weekend , she came home glowing
with confidence and pride.

Lets start from the beginning though.
Miss Blue was chosen as a NAM state finalist.

This was very exciting.
We started practicing right away.
What I really liked about NAM
was the amount of time she had to practice.
It wasn't the typical pageant where
you walk in and pay then just get up on stage.
This was months of preparation,
and a lot of paperwork.
It seemed every month a new 
packet from NAM would arrive.
There was a total of 4 magazines.
All giving the girls info and tips to 
do their best and help them be prepared.

The months flew right by and next thing
we knew it was time to pack up and head out.
Miss Blue was excited and a bit nervous.
We pre registered the night before since we had 
to drive about a hour to get to the pageant.
We didn't want to be rushing the next morning.
We walked into a huge area.
NAM signs all over the place.
Tables were lined up all along the wall.
Each was a stop to hand in certain paperwork.
Also if you had any remaining balances they 
were paid then as well.
Miss Blue got her contestant number 104.
Handed in her art contest entry.
They had to fill in the four boxes with their favorite things.
She decided to paint a sunset,
draw some berries,
made a flower collage out of her drawings.
Then her last idea was a family portrait.
(if you notice the boys have video games in their hands, 
and the girls have cupcakes.)

She got her casual wear ribbon.
Turn in her donations (10% of her score)
The program book was really nice.
She was in Pre-Teen Div.1
 I took her schedule and circled the ones she needed
to be dressed and ready for.

It was so organize and went so smooth and quickly.
I got such a positive vibe throughout the hall.
There was nothing but smiling faces all over.
Miss Blue did the extra 
$25 workshop that also included 
a ice breaker pajama party.
The workshop got the girls on stage 
practicing their walks and turns.
Also got them on the mic practicing their
personal introduction.

After the workshop we changed into our pajamas. 
That is right we all were rocking our pajamas.
We may have been the only parents wearing them,
but it was all in good fun.
Miss Blue was a little nervous at first.
Once she got on that stage with all 
the girls she didn't stop dancing till 
the party was over.

She left that party with the biggest smile 
on her little face.

Next morning we arrived just as orientation was starting.
All the staff was introduced.
The ballroom was packed.
Once the orientation was over
it was casual wear time.
We had a roller suitcase full of everything
we needed, every outfit change was easy peasy.
All her shoes, curling wand, and pantyhose.
Also a pair of comfy clothes for her to change into
during breaks through out the day.
My little lunch box had accessories,
 hair ties, comb and her jewelry.
I even brought thread, needle and beads incase I had 
to do an emergency sew.
It is always better to over pack,
then forget something you needed.

We rolled our suitcase back to the dressing area.
It was very nice, big, and 
had a big NO BOYS sign at the door way.
Miss Blue really got a kick out of that.
She looked so darling in her 
Moxie Couture dress!
She totally rocked her casual wear on stage!
The lady behind us tapped me on the 
shoulder and said "she did perfect"!
I must say I agree she really did  do perfect.

After casual wear was personal introduction.
It was time to put on her business attire,
and snap a few pics!

She practiced her speech a lot.
I must say though she nailed it.
She had sass and great eye contact with the judges.
Her left hand stayed on her side and she held the
mic with one hand like she was suppose to.
We are so proud of her!
Miss Blue also received a ad trophy.
Which totally made her day!
Miss Blue energy was high and confidence 
was growing by the minute.
Before formal wear they had a practice
to show all the dads the proper formal walk.
Then it was the time Miss Blue was 
waiting for all day,
formal wear with daddy!
We went to the dressing room.
I quickly curled her hair and put her gown on her.
She looked stunning.
Daddy was all dressed up too.

Miss Blue was graceful and had great eye contact
with the judges again.
She did not look nervous but extremely confident.
I was teary eyed watching her.
We were blown away with how good she did.
Day one of pageant was over.
Headed back to nana's,
for a good nights sleep.

Saturday when she woke up,
she got 3 Mommy and Daddy prizes.
That was the deal I made with her.
If she did good she would get a prize for each category.
Well day one she did amazing and earned all 3.

Pardon the sleepy eyes she had just woke up.

Day 2 of pageant started with interview.
We practiced questions all the way to the hotel.
I was confident that she was going to do good.
Only thing that might hurt her a bit
would be her speech.
I just wanted her to do her best and sit with confidence.
She walked in the interview room standing
tall and a big smile on her face.
While we were waiting Steve Hayes
gave the parents a great pep talk.
Made the time fly right by.
Soon the girls entered back in the room.
We all cheered for them, letting them know
how proud we were of them!

After a short break they had production 
number practice with all the girls.
Another fun thing that all the girls were doing
was signing eachother program books.
This was great because it got Miss Blue
going up to the other girls.
Soon she had made a few friends.
It was adorable watching her breaking
out of her shy shell.

The day before Nana had snuck to the
NAM boutique and bought Miss Blue 
a crown and sash.
I thought that was a perfect idea,
she had definitely earned it.
We went back to Nana's cause we 
had a 3 hour break.
She got her last Mommy and Daddy prize.
And we also crowned her!
She did such a wonderful job,
gave it her all and rocked so hard.
We wanted to let her know how proud we
were of her and all her accomplishments.
This pageant was never about winning.
It was about Miss Blue proving to herself
that she can do anything,
having fun and doing her best!
The crown and sash really did make
her smile, it was a special moment.
We headed back to the hotel,
it was finale time, energy was high.
Miss Blue got in her production number outfit.
We were asked to leave the girls in the 
dressing room so they could get lined up.
I joined Nana, Papa, Mighty M and Daddy in the crowd.
The girls came out and did their dance.
It was really cute and all the girls did
a really great job. I mean they just learned the dance
a few hours ago.
After production number is was time to 
run back to the dressing room.
It was time to get Miss Blue ready
for her finale formal walk.
This walk would be the last time the judges saw her.
They went through the formal walk,
in the dance practice.
Showed the girls which way to walk.
That is another thing I like about NAM.
Everything is explained, you know
how they want you to walk, what time
you need to be there, and what you should be wearing.
I think that is what made it so stress free too.
Everything was laid out for you.
Miss Blue looked stunning once again.
She followed the yellow tape road perfectly,
had really good eye contacts and a pretty smile.
It was now crowning time.
All the girls came back out on the stage.
It was full of young ladies in sparkly gowns.
I just watched Miss Blue, glowing on stage.
Crowning brought back the 
reality of it all.
This wasn't just a fun weekend,
it was a competition.
We were having so much fun 
that at times we forgot all about that.
They gave out all the awards.
Then pick the top 15 girls.
Everyone else is asked to leave the stage.
The top 5 are crowned and then it is all over.

Miss Blue impressed us all weekend.
We knew she was going to get up there and do it.
But we were so pleasantly surprised when
she did everything so perfect.
Her walk was graceful and slow.
She looked at the judges and was smiling
the whole time she was in the spotlight.
Throughout the weekend people kept
coming up to Miss Blue saying how cute she was,
what a great job she did, and everyone 
was loving her gown.

After crowning a lot of girls were crying.
We even saw a few moms crying.
Miss Blue was smiling!
Which made us even more proud of her.
She had a A+ attitude!
Miss Blue walked away from NAM
with a great memory and 
a confidence boost that will last a lifetime.
Seeing we all believe in her and support her.
Knowing she can do anything she wants to in life.

As our pageant tradition we went out
to a celebration dinner, it was also 
Papas birthday!
We had reason to celebrate!

I was headed to the pageant feeling robbed.
To participate is $480 (Personal Intro, Formal, Interview)
The production number outfit is $40
NAM t-shirt
Pair of NAM socks
Pink hair bow

Casual wear is $50
Extra workshop $25
Ad $60
That is almost $700
 There was a lot of other things she could have entered.
Top Model
those would have all been a extra $50 each.
We chose not to though, didn't want to over load her.
So even though this weekend did cost a lot of money.
 Miss Blue walks away with something
that is priceless!
And honestly I don't have one
bad thing to say about the whole NAM experience.
It was a great family weekend,
even the boys enjoyed themselves.
Everyday I see her coming out
of her shell more and more.
All thanks to the NAM experience!
It was the best weekend of her life,
so far of course.

Will she do it again next year?
It is up to her....
I know she tells me everyday 
how much fun she had.
She lights up when she talks about it.

Would I recommend NAM?
It is a very well put together program.
Everything is organized and stress free.
Don't go with winning in mind.
Go with the goal of building your
daughters confidence and
having a good time.
It is a whole production much more
then just a pageant.
It is a weekend pumped full of 
A memory that will last forever.
And as silly as it sounds 

Miss Blue is not the shy little girl she 
was when she walked through those doors.
Miss Blue is also dying to get
back on the stage.
Before school starts
she is going to do a 
Back to School pageant.
It is so much fun watching her,
you can tell she loves being on stage.
Miss Blue has always been so amazing
and special to me.
Now it is time for the world to see that!
I love that she is not afraid to get up 
there and rock it!
At her age I was so scared of everything.
Not Blue she is overcoming fear after fear.
We are so incredibly proud of her!

A big THANK YOU to 
all my friends and family
that supported and helped sponsor Miss Blue.
Papa Homer
Nana and Papa
Miss Fernald
It meant the world to her 
knowing she had your support!

I finish typing this with a big
smile on my face.
The future looks bright for Miss Blue!

We have been gone for over a month.
Sorry for that it is summer vacation
and I have just been enjoying the kiddies.
Miss Blue promised me that
we will do a few more shows before school starts.
With her new found confidence I am sure 
they will be great and full of 
Monster High goodies!