Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tough Girl Tutus

Created by Alexia 
While running a marathon in a tutu,
she was having fun and getting showered
with compliments.
Wanting to share the fun and experience with other women,
 the  Tough Girl Tutu was born.

As a prize on (Just) One Run Away
I received tutu of choice.
This was hard  choice cause they are all so cute,
I went with the Black and red of course.

The material is very sheer.
So make sure you have something under your tutu. ;)
Although I do not have my numbers yet.
Running a marathon is 
something I would love to do .
But now I have super fun tutu 
to run in and a boost of 
motivation to get running more.
It has a lot of bounce and a nice twirl.

This tutu is fun and flirty.
Material is nice and light.
And I'm loving it!
Go Get Yours!

Thank you Rebecca and Alexia.
I may be a newbie.
But I am going to be a newbie in style!

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